About the Commission.


What We Do

Our principles


Our mission is to champion sustainable development and foster innovation within the digital asset ecosystem in El Salvador. We are committed to establishing a robust regulatory framework that ensures security, transparency, and trust for all participants in the market. Through this, we aim to promote financial inclusion and drive economic growth across the country.


To position El Salvador as a first class, global financial center within the digital asset sector. 



Act ethically and transparently in all our actions, ensuring equity in our decision making process.


Encourage the adoption of cutting-edge technologies and practices in the digital asset sector, promoting continuous improvement and responsiveness to change.


Work jointly with key ecosystem stakeholders, including users, companies, financial institutions and regulators, to achieve common goals and strengthen the regulatory framework.


Promote the active participation of all sectors of society in the digital economy, reducing barriers to ensure equal access and opportunities.


Ensure compliance with established rules and regulations, ensuring the protection of users and the stability of the financial system.


Ensure access to accurate, timely and relevant information, while promoting informed decision-making by users and ecosystem stakeholders.


Juan Carlos Reyes

President and Chief Executive Officer

Commissioner appointed by the President of the Republic

Miguel Eduardo Serafín Flamenco

Director Secretary

Commissioner appointed by the Ministry of Economy

César Alejandro Córdova Figueroa

Propietary Director

Commissioner appointed by the Secretary of Commerce and InvestmentsSC

Juan Carlos Reyes

President and Chief Executive Officer

Juan Carlos has experience consulting on complex challenges in a variety of industries and sectors. He specializes in governance, strategic management, entrepreneurship, emerging technology, energy, mining industry and blockchain technology. Passionate about education and entrepreneurship, he studied mining engineering at Laurentian University and holds a BSc in Physics and Mathematics and a second BSc in Computer Science. After 15 years at the helm of a top consulting firm he took a break and studied at Harvard acquiring a Masters in Management. In 2015 he won first place in one of Harvard’s most competitive challenges, the real estate investment challenge with more than 120 participants. He is currently pursuing a PhD in international economics in Russia.

In relation to his humanitarian activity, at the age of 21, he helped raise over $3 million to rebuild a village in his home country of El Salvador. Since then, he has spent one month every year volunteering and helping to improve the lives of others in Canada and around the world.

Miguel Eduardo Serafín Flamenco

Commissioner appointed by the Ministry of Economy

Lawyer and bilingual notary with more than ten years of experience in the field of supervision of the Financial System. Educator with more than fifteen years of experience in university teaching. Interdisciplinary professional with mastery of conceptual tools and legal, technological, accounting and financial practices, with competencies to efficiently perform executive positions related to financial technological developments, with emphasis on Fintech, in any segment of the local and international market.

César Alejandro Córdova Figueroa

Commissioner appointed by the Ministry of Commerce and Investment

Lawyer and notary with 12 years of experience in the private financial sector advising companies in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Brazil. He has practical experience and multidisciplinary knowledge for the management of Corporate Governance, regulatory analysis and application of international financial procedures and standards for the efficient operation of financial companies. In addition, he participated in the private sector advisory board for the drafting of the law proposal for mandatory insurance. He studied his Master’s Degree in Insurance Management thanks to Fundación MAPFRE and the University of Salamanca and in addition to Spanish, he is fluent in English and Portuguese.