Employment Bank

Head of Financial Unit

Academic Background:

  • Graduate in Business Administration, Public Accounting, Economics, or Industrial Engineering.
  • Master's degree in Finance, Public Finance, or related fields (Desirable).


  • Knowledge of General Budgetary Provisions.
  • Knowledge of Public Procurement Law.
  • Knowledge of Income Tax and VAT Law and Regulations.
  • Knowledge of the Law and Regulations of the Court of Accounts of the Republic.
  • Knowledge of the Regulation of Technical Internal Control Standards of the Court of Accounts of the Republic.
  • Knowledge of the logical framework of the Integrated Financial Management System SAFI (Budget, Treasury, and Accounting).
  • Knowledge of the operation and functionality of the SAFI Application Software.
  • Knowledge of Governmental Accounting.


  • Demonstrable previous experience of 2 years in similar positions.


  • Analytical Thinking
  • Strict confidentiality in handling information
  • Results Orientation
  • Team Management
  • Teamwork

Main Functions:

a) Coordinate the Formulation of the Commission's Budget project and present it to the Board of Directors for approval and subsequent submission to the General Budget Directorate within the deadlines established in current legal and technical provisions;

  • Verify and validate the compatibility of the Budget Execution Programming (PEP) with the Annual Work Plan and the Annual Procurement and Contracting Programming, as well as with internal guidelines and those provided by the Ministry of Finance;

b) Propose for approval by the Board of Directors: policies, manuals, instructions, or any other internal provision deemed necessary to facilitate financial management.

  • Disseminate within the Commission current legal and technical provisions related to financial management and keep an updated record;

c) Keep user accounts and access rights assigned to the Institutional Financial Unit (UFI) personnel operating the SAFI software up to date and promptly inform any changes affecting their status;
d) Organize, supervise, authorize, and present institutional financial and accounting information within the deadlines established in current legal and technical provisions and in accordance with the requirements of Superior Authorities, the General Directorate of Governmental Accounting, and Control Bodies:

  • Organize and supervise the monthly and annual closing of the Institution's accounting operations within the deadlines established in current legal and technical provisions;
  • Verify and validate the compatibility of budgetary modifications with the availability of budgetary allocations to be modified;
  • Monitor and evaluate operationally the results obtained during budget execution;
  • Determine and supervise the implementation of corrective measures suggested by Internal Audit, SAFI regulatory bodies, and external audit.

e) Support the execution, evaluation, and monitoring of international cooperation financial resources for the strategy of promoting and developing business competitiveness:

  • Prepare and present financial executive reports on the use of international cooperation resources in accordance with guidelines established by the cooperating agency.

f) Record, manage, and control operations resulting from the administration of Treasury Public Credit Notes.
g) Implement, maintain, keep updated, and supervise the competent elements of the Integrated Financial Management System.

Planning Technician

Academic Level:

  • Bachelor’s degree in International Relations, Industrial Engineering, Business Administration, or related fields.
  • Desirable: Master’s degree or postgraduate studies in Planning, Business Administration, Project Management, or related fields.


  • Over 2 years as a Planning Technician and/or Project Management.
  • Or over 4 years as a Technician in other areas in public or private institutions.
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