How To Register

Stable Coin Offer

To have registration as an issuer, it must have at least one issuance approved by the CNAD



  • Comply with the requirements of Article 22 of the LEAD in relation to Article 5 of the Regulation.
  • Have a PSAD registered with the CNAD for the placement and marketing of the stablecoin


  • Comply with Article 6 of the Regulation.
  • The Relevant Information Document  (DIR) must contain information regarding the offer in accordance with Article 22 of the LEAD.
  • Submit a Report issued by a Certifier duly registered with the CNAD, complying with the  requirements established in Articles 26 to 28 of the LEAD in relation to Articles 5 and 6 of the PSAD Regulation.


The interested party must submit the aforementioned documentation in digital and physical format to the CNAD offices.


Approval or Denial of Authorization

The CNAD will have a period of 5 business days to evaluate and issue a “No Objection” resolution for the authorization of the issuance. If approved, a registry entry will be assigned to the issuer and the issuance, following the payment of the corresponding registration fee. (Article 6 and 21 of the Regulation)