Digital Assets Service Provider

Fintech Americas, S.A. de C.V.

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Exchange of digital assets for fiat money or equivalent or for other digital assets, whether using own capital or that of a third party

Operate a platform for exchanging or trading digital assets or derivative digital assets

Evaluation of the risk and price, as well as the subscription of digital asset issues

Place digital assets on digital platforms or wallets

Promote, structure and manage all types of investment products in digital assets, as well as loans, mutual funds or any form of financing of digital assets

The following operations when they are carried out on behalf of and in favor of third parties

Transfer digital assets or the means of accessing or controlling them, between natural or legal persons or between different acquirers, electronic wallets or digital asset accounts

Safeguard, custody or manage digital assets or the means to access or control them

Receive and transmit orders to buy or sell digital assets or trade derivative digital assets

Execute buy or sell orders for derivative digital assets