Academic Background:




Main Functions:

a) Coordinate the Formulation of the Commission’s Budget project and present it to the Board of Directors for approval and subsequent submission to the General Budget Directorate within the deadlines established in current legal and technical provisions;

b) Propose for approval by the Board of Directors: policies, manuals, instructions, or any other internal provision deemed necessary to facilitate financial management.

c) Keep user accounts and access rights assigned to the Institutional Financial Unit (UFI) personnel operating the SAFI software up to date and promptly inform any changes affecting their status;
d) Organize, supervise, authorize, and present institutional financial and accounting information within the deadlines established in current legal and technical provisions and in accordance with the requirements of Superior Authorities, the General Directorate of Governmental Accounting, and Control Bodies:

e) Support the execution, evaluation, and monitoring of international cooperation financial resources for the strategy of promoting and developing business competitiveness:

f) Record, manage, and control operations resulting from the administration of Treasury Public Credit Notes.
g) Implement, maintain, keep updated, and supervise the competent elements of the Integrated Financial Management System.